Thursday, 1 November 2012


Denver windmill was built in 1835, replacing an earlier post mill which was marked on the 1824 Ordnance Survey map. In 1896, James Gleaves made a Deed of Assignment and the mill was offered for sale by auction at the Crown Hotel, Downham Market but was withdrawn from sale at the auction. The mill was later bought by Thomas Harris, who had previously run the post mill at Southery. On 22 February 1908, the mill was damaged in a gale and put out of action. Thomas Harris died in 1925 and left the mill to his son Thomas, who continued to work it by wind and a diesel engine, which had replaced the earlier steam engine. The mill was struck by lightning in 1939 and a sail was damaged, but this was repaired. In 1941, the curb was damaged, ending the use of wind power.[2] Milling continued by a Blackstone diesel engine until 1969 when Thomas Harris died.
Saint Mary’s Church, Denver.

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