Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How Hill.

How Hill National Nature Reserve forms a large area of established fen within the River Ant valley, north of Ludham Bridge. It is remarkable for its variety of Broads habitats. The reserve is of national and international importance for nature conservation, supporting a wide range of wetland plant communities and associated birds, insects and animal species. There is lots to see and do at How Hill. Why not visit our Broads information centre Toad Hole Cottage? You'll find heaps of information, and you can have a look around to see how life was for a marshman and his family in the Broads many years ago.
Turf Fen mill, How Hill is a rare double-scoop wheel and high and low gears for use to suit wind speed.
Boardmans Windmill.
Clayrack Windmill, How Hill.

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