Monday, 19 March 2012


Billockby church is a landmark, alone on a rise to the east of the Acle to Stalham road. There is no other building near. You reach it along tiny lanes cut deep between rolling fields, but in fact these lanes run into busy roads, and Billockby church's isolation is something of an illusion. Nevertheless, it is an easy one to maintain if you stand in the tree-surrounded churchyard, the fields rolling away in all directions, without another human being in sight. The thatched chancel is cottage-like, and seemed especially so on a sunny spring day in March 2012, with the churchyard full of flowers coming into bloom. One survival of the collapse was the south porch, which now stands alone against the ruin of the south nave wall. There is some interesting 17th Century graffiti on the eastern jamb of the south doorway

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