Monday, 3 October 2011


A lovely few days relaxing in Guernsey visiting old haunts from over the years. A beautiful part of the Channel Islands with something for everybody.

Sunset with swimmers in the bay at Grand Roques, Guernsey

L'Ancresse Bay in Guernsey
L'Ancresse Bay is a wide and flat beach which is one of the biggest bays on the island. With deep sand, the water is perfect for windsurfing, surfing, sailing, sea kayaking and even fishing if you wish.
This Fungi was growing on the edge of the Rifle range.

St Michel du Valle, known locally simply as 'Vale Church' is an inclusive church of moderate Catholic tradition of the Church of England. Vale Church has been witnessing to the Christian faith and serving the people of the Vale for 1000 years. We recognise that everyone, irrespective of age, colour, gender, marital status, sexuality, nationality, disability or background, is loved and valued by God.

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