Tuesday, 20 September 2011

European Brown Bears

The biggest European brown bears weigh about 680kg, which is about the same as 8 adults.
Bears are ‘plantigrade’ animals. This means that they are able to stand on their two strong back legs for prolonged periods of time
The name ‘brown bear’ doesn’t come from their colour at all but from a very old Middle English word, ‘bruin’, meaning simply, ‘bear’. So these are bear bears

The bear family includes the world’s largest terrestrial carnivore, the Brown Bear, which can stand up to 3.5m (11ft) tall. Bears have a heavy build, a large skull, thick legs, and a short tail. They are found throughout Eurasia and North America, and in parts of north Africa and South America, mainly in forests. Unlike most carnivores, bears rely heavily on vegetation as a food source

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