Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Dog sitting for a week, a few photos of the adventure.

A walk to Pocket Park.

Early morning dip in the river.

DAY 2.

Did someone shout "Treats" ?

Well! where are they?

Hmm Very tasty.

DAY 3.

After a hot tiring walk to the Town ime knackered.

Soaking up the sun in the garden.

DAY 4.

Phew!! its cooler in the woods, 23c and getting hotter and its only 8am.

Evening on Cley Beach.

Florrie digging a moat around the sand castle.

Dodging the waves.

Welcome Aboard.

DAY 5.

Its back to my favourite beach for an evening walk.

DAY 6.

Too tired for another evening beach walk.

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