Saturday, 12 March 2011

NNR Steam Gala

Saturday 12th March.

March Spring Steam Gala.
The Spring Steam Gala will feature an intensive timetable with a few unusual formations in service, it will also be an opportunity to see guest engines working alongside our own home fleet, this event (subject to availability) will be steam only.

NELPG's J72 69023.
These 0-6-0T's were used in shunting yards, railway owned docks and coal staithes and on station pilot workings all over the Northeast. Eventually they were found further afield at Wrexham, Kittybrewster at Aberdeen, Keith and Kipps. The last batch were almost identical to the original but were given a vacuum brake, steam heating and sanding gear to enable them to be used on empty passenger stock workings, in addition, some of the earlier engines were similarly modified. The N.E.R. and L.N.E.R. built engines became under B.R. No's 68670 to 68754 and as no provision had been made for further construction the last batch had to be numbered in a special series and came out as No's 69001 to 69028. All 113 remained in service until 1958, when following the introduction of diesel shunters some of the earlier engines began to be withdrawn from traffic

LMS Jinty 3F, 47406.
The design was based on rebuilds by Henry Fowler of the Midland Railway 2441 Class introduced in 1899 by Samuel Waite Johnson. These rebuilds featured a Belpaire firebox and improved cab. 422 Jinties were built between 1924 and 1930, with it being just one of the Midland designs perpetuated by LMS. They were built by the ex-L&YR Horwich Works and the private firms Bagnall's, Beardmores, Hunslet, North British and the Vulcan Foundry.

J15 0-6-0 - 65462
This Class of engine was a Worsdell design for the Great Eastern Railway, originally introduced in 1883, later modified by Holden. Our, now unique, J15 engine was built at Stratford in 1912, as No. 564. The engine carried several running numbers (LNER 7564 & BR 65462) before withdrawal in 1962, having outlived many other, more modern, types of locomotive

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  1. These photo,s are very rare to see Bill.I do love the J15 0-6-0-65462 image.Fantastic capture.