Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Wednesday 2nd March.

Travelled to Heacham on Norfolks West Coast in the hope of seeing a sunset, it was looking hopeful until the cloud and mist moved in at the last minute.

Heacham started to become popular as a seaside resort with the Victorians due to the opening of the railway line between King's Lynn and Hunstanton in the early 1860s. This culminated in the building of the Jubilee Bridge in 1887 to replace an old wooden bridge as a result of oversubscriptions from parishioners in celebration of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. Heacham is still popular today as a seaside resort with both the North Beach (Jubilee) Road and South Beach Road being lined with caravan parks.

The beach at Heacham is situated on the east banks of The Wash; this means it is one of the few beaches in eastern England where the sun sets over the sea instead of over land. As such, with the right weather conditions, beautiful sunsets can be viewed.

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