Sunday, 20 February 2011

North Norfolk Railways.

Sunday 20th February.

The North Norfolk Railway offers a 10.5 mile round trip by steam train (vintage diesel trains on some journeys) through a delightful area of North Norfolk designated as being of outstanding natural beauty. To the south are wooded hills and the Norfolk beauty spots of Kelling Heath and Sheringham Park. To the north, the sea. All within easy walking distance from the various stations. The flowers are a sight to see throughout the year. In spring and early summer there are primroses, bluebells and the yellow gorse. Later in the year the poppies abound and are set off by the mauve heathers. Enjoy a ride on an historic steam train - you can break your journey to look around the stations and marvel at the steam laden atmosphere from a bygone age.

Diesel Railbus E79960
Class Type DRB 4W Company BR
Builder Waggon und Masshienenbau
Built 1958
Railbuses are a very lightweight type of Diesel multiple unit Railcar designed for use specifically on little-used railway lines, and as the name suggests share many aspects of their construction with a bus, sometimes having a bus, or modified bus body, and having four wheels on a fixed base, instead of on bogies.
In the late 1950s, British Rail tested a series of small Railbuses, produced by a variety of manufacturers.
Twenty-two diesel railbuses were built for BR in a range of differing designs by one German and four British companies.
E79960 was one of five built by the German company, Waggon- und Maschinenbau. It was allocated to the Eastern Region of BR at Cambridge.
These proved to be very economical, but also somewhat unreliable. The lines they worked on were mainly closed by during the 'Beeching Cuts' and, being non-standard, they were all withdrawn in the mid-1960s, before being allocated TOPS classifications.

J15 0-6-0 - 65462

Class J15 Wheel arrangement 0-6-0
Company GER Builder Stratford
Built 1912 Owner M&GNJRS
This Class of engine was a Worsdell design for the Great Eastern Railway, originally introduced in 1883, later modified by Holden. Our, now unique, J15 engine was built at Stratford in 1912, as No. 564. The engine carried several running numbers (LNER 7564 & BR 65462) before withdrawal in 1962, having outlived many other, more modern, types of locomotive.

Combination of Steam Train and Station Lantern.

A touch of humour found at Weybourne Station.

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