Tuesday, 22 February 2011

NNR and WELLS next the SEA

Tuesday 22nd February.

A cold dull day with poor light, starting on the road between Sherringham and Weybourne i caught the J15 steaming its way towards Weytbourne station. After that it was on to Wells next the Sea for the harbour image.

J15 0-6-0 - 65462
This Class of engine was a Worsdell design for the Great Eastern Railway, originally introduced in 1883, later modified by Holden. Our, now unique, J15 engine was built at Stratford in 1912, as No. 564. The engine carried several running numbers (LNER 7564 & BR 65462) before withdrawal in 1962, having outlived many other, more modern, types of locomotive.

The Harbour is on the North Norfolk Coast. It is used by a small fishing fleet and by visiting commercial and fishing vessels, including vessels engaged in surveys, crew transfer or safety boat operations. The harbour also caters for a growing number of leisure craft which are both local boats and an increasing amount of visiting craft. Coastal trips to see the seals at Blakeney Point and chartered fishing and diving trips are also available in the high season. Berthed at the quay is the historic vessel Albatros. The vessel is used for a variety of functions including charters, cruises and sometime just as a venue for entertaining.

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